Thank You from Austin Fife

Third Toby Candilora Scholarship Recipient Employed by Brigham PD

Dear Toby Candilora Scholarship Donors:

Thank you so much for your generous donation to Weber State Police Academy. Without your help, I would have had a difficult time paying for some of my equipment necessary for me to move forward in my path.

Your donations helped me pay for, what I think, is an important tool in any American patriot’s possession. My glock pistol. Still to this day I take my pistol out practice shooting every few weeks. I hone my skills as a defender, protector, warrior, and guardian. I do this because, one day, if the life of an innocent or the life of my friends and family are in danger, I can stand and do something in hopes of saving them from that violence.

An old Chinese martial arts proverb goes: “It’s better to be a warrior in a garden; than a gardener in a war.” Our world is a big, scary, frightening and perpetually violent place. But in the midst of all that is a beautiful thing called Life.

We are surrounded everyday by people, creatures that are just trying to survive. My big appeal to becoming a peace officer in a community is bringing hope to those people that are just fighting to survive, being the person that can help those people get through life and experience all that life has to bring. I want to help people find happiness and success in life. If I have to whip them into shape and help them realize or see that the path that they are on is a dangerous one, I will take that risk.

Of course, not everyone wants help from their struggles. Sadly, there are people who enjoy those dangerous paths. Yet another reason why I want to become a peace officer is that I want to protect the people that are victimized by those who choose the dangerous path.

In closing, I hope your continued support of this amazing program will bring new warriors to their full potential and help guide those new generations of warriors down the right path. Thank you again, and we look forward to your continued support.


Austin Fife


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