Thank You from Cameron Kapetanov

Dear Candilora-Jones family,

My name is Cameron Kapetanov. I am one of the beneficiaries of your police academy scholarship. I cannot thank you enough for not only providing the opportunity to cadets to receive some financial help, but for selecting me as one of those cadets!

Cameron Kapetanov

Cameron Kapetanov

My desire to be in law enforcement goes back as long as I can remember. Being enamored as a little kid watching Superman and seeing what good he does and the values he lives by: protect the innocent, defend truth and justice, and help create a world of peace. I wanted to be him. I wanted to live the life he does. Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon as I don’t have super powers (yet), but I could come close. I could go into law enforcement. This desire ebbed and flowed as I grew up and learned more about life and who I was as a person, but it seemed that life was not really giving me an opportunity to act on that desire…until 4 months before registration was due for the upcoming academy class. It was going to be close, but it was time.

When I made the decision to be a part of law enforcement and the academy, I knew it was going to be a rough road not only physically, but financially as well. I worked hard and was able to lose about 35lbs before the academy, but was not able to secure any financial help or success on my own. It was an added stress, as it always will be when it comes to money and the expenses of life, which I didn’t need or want. I tried my best to do side jobs and other things to help, but it just didn’t seem to be enough. Through extended family and some humble asking, I was able to at least get enough to enter into the academy. Life was still rough, though. My wife was working all she could to help out with bills; barely making it each month as I was no longer holding up my half of the financial responsibilities. We managed as best as we could, but home life was getting more difficult. It seemed as though I just had to put my dreams on hold until later in life. However, thanks to your family, I have a peace of mind at home and an increased level of focus in the academy.

I am achieving that dream to be a Super-man that I’ve had since childhood and am now doing it with more confidence and determination. It is because of you and your continuing service to future law enforcement and, for me specifically, being awarded this scholarship.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Cameron Kapetanov

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2017 Results – Almost There!

We have some great news! We are more than half way to fully endowing each of our scholarships! In 2017, we donated:

  • $12,000 to the Weber State University Law Enforcement Academy: To date, we’ve supported 8 cadets with scholarships, and we are 67 percent of the way to fully endowing a scholarship.
  • $5000 to Bellevue University’s Master’s in Public Administration Program: Together with Toby’s friends who started the scholarship, we’ve supported 2 graduates, and we are 60 percent of the way to full endowment.
  • $1000 to the Candilora Cadets ALS Association of Oregon Walk Team: Our total contribution is now $3000.

Thank you to each one of you who has joined us for the 10-07 Fund 5K Walk/Run and/or donated to support our work the last three years. We are energized by these results! We are also overwhelmed knowing that all this good is a reflection of your love for Toby and support for our family.

As we see “our” graduates head out into the world to protect and serve, many working here, in Ogden and nearby communities, we know we’ve ensured the spirit of Toby’s work will continue. There are truly no words for what that gives us. Gratitude is just the start.

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Congratulations Armstrong, Baker!

Scholarship Recipients Graduate and Join Local Law Enforcement

Two 10-07 Scholarship recipients,Preston Armstrong and Zachary Baker, graduated from the WSU Law Enforcement Academy today. Baker, the speaker chosen by the cadets, began work in Roy City this week. Armstrong is in the process of finalizing his employment decisions.

The cadets, WSU, and the 10-07 Fund are grateful to 10-07 Fund supporters who helped  these wonderful cadets through schooling.

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What an Impact: Robb Hall

The 10-07 Fund, Ogden, and our family lost a champion over the holidays. Robb Hall supports each of our 10-07 Fund walks, helping with set-up and bringing van-loads of bright-eyed Youth Impact kids to help keep everyone hydrated and motivated along the way. Beyond that. Well. He is Robb Hall. There isn’t another quite like him.

Rest in peace, we miss you friend.

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Thank You from Jaci Klein

Toby Candidora Memorial Scholarship Fund Recipient, Bellevue University

The Toby Kim Candilora Scholarship was a huge help to me as I completed my MPA. As a full-time working mom of 2 young children, going back to school was a huge commitment of time and money for our family. But it was all very well worth it!

Since graduating with my masters, I have taken on a new role as director of Foundation relations for the University of Nebraska Foundation. It is a job that I love – and one that I would not have considered before going back to school and really thinking about what I am passionate about.

In my role, I get the opportunity to work with many talented faculty and leaders across the university, to connect them with private foundations across our state and country. I also get the opportunity to work many generous donors.

Thank you for supporting students at Bellevue University – and please know the difference that your scholarship made for me and my family. I’m honored to have received the scholarship in Toby’s memory.


Jaci Klein

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Thank You from Mattias Opitz

Toby Candilora Memorial Scholarship Recipient, Bellevue University

To the benefactors of the Toby Candilora Memorial Scholarship:

I am truly honored to have received this generous scholarship.  Having been a law enforcement official myself for almost 11 years, I know the demands, burdens and stresses it places on one’s body, family and life.  I feel that too often, we overlook and under appreciate the heroes that serve our nation at home.

Toby was able to complete an admirable academic path while selflessly serving his community, and the generosity provided by his memorial fund will allow me to follow in his footsteps by striving forth to earn a master’s degree myself.

I earned my associates in criminal justice, but I sought another path as an analyst for my undergrad and graduate degrees. Although I am just beginning my graduate level journey, I plan to begin a career within the federal government upon completion of my masters.  I have my eyes set on the FBI, but any agency that offers me a chance to help and protect others is a career I willingly accept.

My wife was also a law enforcement official for the better part of ten years.  Within that time, she deployed to Baghdad and responded to the immediate aftermath of hurricane Katrina. These experiences allowed her to find her true calling to be helping those that help others.  She is now a military clinical social worker who specializes in aiding first responders.

My wife and I cannot express our thanks enough for this generous opportunity. Toby’s watch may have ended on October 7, 2009, but he may continue to rest easy knowing I will do my utmost best to honor his memory.

Thank you for your service, Toby, we’ve got the watch from here.


Mattias Opitz

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Toby Candilora Memorial Scholarship, Bellevue University

bVp_2016A police officer and a fireman walked into an online classroom in 2007, and a too-short time later, the Toby Candilora Memorial Scholarship at Bellevue University was born of the friendship they created there.

Toby Kim Candilora and Bill “Skip” Powers earned masters in public administration from Bellevue University. They became quick friends in the virtual learning world of Bellevue – sharing banter and rivalry that is commonplace among cops and fireman. What emerged, more than the academic acumen, was a friendship that was strong and fruitful. That friendship continued beyond their classroom days.

Bill was one of the first people Toby called to share of his ALS diagnosis.  Never one to shy from a challenge, Bill notes, Toby tackled his diagnosis and illness with unparalleled fervor. His efforts helped to educate others and advance research in finding a cure for this debilitating disease.

Stunned that a man so strong and so young could be stripped of the opportunities to use his talents as a community member, a father, and a friend – Bill struggled with how to honor his legacy.  He determined to start that work where their friendship had started. At Bellevue.

“My friendship with Toby was born in the classroom and we remain committed to mentoring others in our respective sectors to the value of education (lifelong learning),” notes Bill.  “It was clear – that the way I might purposefully honor my friends spirit and legacy, was through a scholarship in his honor.”

Bill began the Toby Candilora Memorial Scholarship, working with Dorothy Morrow in the advancement office at Bellevue University. Bill and an anonymous professor funded the scholarship starting in 2010, renewing their commitment each year.

Starting in 2015, with the formation of the 10-07 Fund, Toby’s family and friends have boosted Bill’s efforts with the intention of endowing the scholarship. To date, all 10-07 Charitable Fund contributions have been dedicated to building the Toby Candilora Memorial Scholarship endowment.

The scholarships received by those profiled below were funded by Bill Powers with the support of an anonymous public administration professor at Bellevue University.

Thank You from Mattias Opitz

Thank You from Jaci Klein

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