The Race is On!

April 5, 2021 

Hello Family and Friends! 

We are busy making plans for our 7 th Annual 10-07 Charitable Fund 5K Walk / Run.  This annual tradition is in honor of Toby Candilora, our son, brother, husband, father, nephew and friend.  He passed away on 10/07/09 of ALS.   

How do you keep the memory of a lost loved one alive and continue his legacy? 

Our family believes it is by celebrating his life and supporting those things that were important to him.  Please join us for the 10-07 5K Walk / Run on June 26th!!  

We are tickled to report the results we’ve accomplished together in the past 7 years:

  • $61,000.00 to Weber State Law Enforcement for the Toby Candilora scholarships
  • $20,000.00 to Weber State University Criminal Justice for the Toby Candilora scholarships
  • $25,000.00 to Bellevue University for the Toby Candilora endowed scholarship
  • $6,000.00 to ALS Association of Oregon for the Candilora Cadets walk team of April, Taylore and Samantha Candilora

Please consider supporting us again this year! 

With gratitude,

The Candilora / Jones families

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Thank You Family and Friends!

 Dear Friends and Family: 

As 2020 draws to a close, we want to share some heart whelming thank you videos we received from our recent scholarship recipients . We personally want each and every one of you to know that your support and generosity over the years does make a difference!  

We continue to support:

Weber State University’s Law Enforcement Academy

Weber State University’s Criminal Justice Department

The ALS Association

Our most recent recipients include:

Makray Malique Joseph, Law Enforcement Academy (Recipient #15)

Briant Johnson, Criminal Justice (Recipient #1)

Taron Noel, Law Enforcement Academy (Recipient #16)

Hailey Parson, Criminal Justice (Recipient #2) 

We hope that you and your extended families are staying safe and healthy in these challenging times.  We are planning to hold the 7 th Annual 10-07 Charitable Fund 5K in June 2021 and look forward to seeing all of you! 


The Jones and Candilora Families

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A Heartfelt Farewell and Thank You to Jack Rickards!

Director of WSU Law Enforcement Academy Retires

Six years ago, as I sat and contemplated the loss of my son Toby Candilora, I asked myself, “How can we honor his memory?”  He had been gone for over four years.  I closed my eyes and imagined that he was sitting next to me, and I asked him, “What would you want us to do?”  Knowing his passion for law enforcement, I felt inspired to call Weber State University and inquire about a scholarship for the Law Enforcement Academy.

I spoke with Director Jack Rickards, and he explained that there had never been a scholarship in the Academy. We agreed to meet.  At that meeting, we forged a wonderful working relationship.  We organized a Toby Candilora WSU Law Enforcement Scholarship. To date, we have endowed the scholarship as well as awarded thirteen (13) scholarships.  This has been made possible because of Jack’s commitment to the Academy, his knowledge of law enforcement, and a partnership that has meant so much to our 10-07 Charitable Fund non-profit organization.

Jack recently announced his retirement.  While we are excited for his and Margaret’s new Idaho adventure, we will miss his supporting tutelage that we have never taken for granted. Jack and Margaret, I hope that you know how much both of you will be missed!  Thank you for sharing our vision and helping us honor Toby’s memory, and in the process, give back to our community.  Your undying support over the years has meant more than you will ever know!

All the best,

Robyn Jones and extended 10-07 Charitable Fund Family and Friends

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Thank You from Officer Hulse

To the 10-07 Charitable Fund,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the 10-07 Scholarship I received for the Weber State Police Academy. The Police Academy was not cheap. My wife and I had started saving and budgeting far in advance, and even with that, finances were extremely tight, all so that I could attend the Police Academy. Because I live in Cache Valley and had to commute to Weber State every day, I was not able to work while I attended the Academy. Therefore, my wife and I had to live on just her income for the duration of the Academy. But the 10-07 Scholarship helped my wife and me financially to the point where we didn’t have to worry about finances for the final duration of the Academy. This relieved a large burden off my shoulders, and it allowed me to focus more on the Academy and making sure I performed to the best of my ability.

I was able to graduate from the Weber State Police Academy with the Highest Achiever award and have started a job with Utah State University Police. I have loved being a Police Officer for Utah State University and protecting the community that I live in.

I cannot thank the 10-07 Charitable Fund enough, as they were a huge part of my success. Thank you again.


Tanner Hulse
Toby Candilora Scholarship Recipient No. 13

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Welcome Academy Director Paul Kotter!

Paul Kotter is the current Director of the Weber State University Law Enforcement Academy. Paul has worked for the Law Enforcement Academy since 2002 as an instructor in many disciplines of law enforcement and was a training coordinator for the evening, self-sponsored, Law Enforcement Academy. Prior to being hired as the Director, Paul worked for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ Security Department for 2 ½ years and for the Utah Highway Patrol for 20 ½ years. While working for the Utah Highway Patrol, Paul worked in many areas and had many assignments, some of which included Trooper, Field Training Officer (FTO), Intoxilyzer Technician, Trainer, POST Investigator, Sergeant, and Lieutenant.

Paul has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Weber State University.  Paul has successfully completed many state and nationally recognized police leadership schools including Northwestern Police Staff and Command, Leadership in Police Organizations, Utah Certified Public Manager, University of Utah’s Emerging Leadership, Below 100, and Traffic Incident Management. Paul was a certified instructor in several of these courses. In addition, Paul has taught various courses to law enforcement, POST, and Satellite Law Enforcement Academies including Field Sobriety, Intoxilyzer, Drug Recognition, Ethics, and Police Radar/Lidar. 

Paul has been the recipient of numerous awards, including five unit recognition awards for various team achievements and a medal of excellence award for his combined efforts in revamping the State of Utah Radar/Lidar program. Paul was recently awarded the Purple Heart from being shot multiple times and seriously wounded while in the line of duty. Two of the shots fired were stopped by Paul’s ballistic vest. Prior to this incident, Paul had made the decision to wear his ballistic vest at all times while on duty. Paul is passionate about endorsing the Below 100 initiatives, including the importance of officers wearing their ballistic vests, so officers can return home safely to their families.

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Thank You for Running with Us!

Whether you ran, walked, BBQed, corn-holed or sang, we are absolutely tickled you showed up with your smiles to the 10-07 Fund 5K and BBQ. Throughout the year, these photos will remind us of the love you showed and all the joy we take in it. Thank you for your support!

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Thank You 2019 10-07 Fund Sponsors!

We are lucky to count many long-time sponsors as well as several new among this year’s corporate sponsors. One thing is for sure, old or new, we couldn’t do this without you!

Please take the time to thank and support our sponsors when you get a chance!

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Thank You Sergeant Cathy Connell!

Box Elder County Sheriff Sergeant Cathy Connell went the extra mile in support of the 10-07 Fund this year! She organized a raffle to fund 10-07 scholarships at Weber State University Law Enforcement Academy and the ALS Association!

Sergeant Connell noted: “Once a year I get to step out of the norm and witness the love and generosity of the people I work with. All items raffled were donated by Deputies and their families. We at Box Elder LOVE this event and what you are doing and hope we can continue in the future.”

As a department, the Box Elder County Sheriff’s have been corporate sponsors for three years running. They’ve expressed affinity for both aspects of our mission. Clearly law enforcement education is an interest. Having supported an officer through a spouse’s battle with ALS, they also understand the importance of that fight as well.

In this context, Cathy stepped up to provide additional, personal support. We couldn’t be more touched. Thank you for thinking of us Cathy!

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Thank You from Officer Barrera

Dear 10-07 Fund Donors,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for making the 10-07 Charitable Fund possible. I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor and I am deeply appreciative of your support.

Last fall I stopped working to focus on my last semester at Weber State University. My hard work payed off, I graduated in December with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. Shortly after, I put myself through the Weber State Police Academy. Financially and mentally it’s been a stressful past year me and my family.

I am currently employed with the Bountiful police department and going through their field training. The financial assistance you provided will be of great help to me in paying my educational expenses, and it will allow me to concentrate more of my time on my new career and department that I am so proud to be a part of.

Thank you again for your generosity and support. I promise you I will work very hard and eventually give something back to others, both as a police officer and possibly a scholarship to future students like myself.


Officer Dennis Barrera
Bountiful Police Department

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Save the Date! June 22, 2019

We’ve set a date! The 2019 10-07 5K and BBQ will be June 22, 2019, again at MTC Park. We hope you’ll join the festivities! If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Robyn Jones.

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