Thank You from Austin Fife

Third Toby Candilora Scholarship Recipient Employed by Brigham PD

Dear Toby Candilora Scholarship Donors:

Thank you so much for your generous donation to Weber State Police Academy. Without your help, I would have had a difficult time paying for some of my equipment necessary for me to move forward in my path.

Your donations helped me pay for, what I think, is an important tool in any American patriot’s possession. My glock pistol. Still to this day I take my pistol out practice shooting every few weeks. I hone my skills as a defender, protector, warrior, and guardian. I do this because, one day, if the life of an innocent or the life of my friends and family are in danger, I can stand and do something in hopes of saving them from that violence.

An old Chinese martial arts proverb goes: “It’s better to be a warrior in a garden; than a gardener in a war.” Our world is a big, scary, frightening and perpetually violent place. But in the midst of all that is a beautiful thing called Life.

We are surrounded everyday by people, creatures that are just trying to survive. My big appeal to becoming a peace officer in a community is bringing hope to those people that are just fighting to survive, being the person that can help those people get through life and experience all that life has to bring. I want to help people find happiness and success in life. If I have to whip them into shape and help them realize or see that the path that they are on is a dangerous one, I will take that risk.

Of course, not everyone wants help from their struggles. Sadly, there are people who enjoy those dangerous paths. Yet another reason why I want to become a peace officer is that I want to protect the people that are victimized by those who choose the dangerous path.

In closing, I hope your continued support of this amazing program will bring new warriors to their full potential and help guide those new generations of warriors down the right path. Thank you again, and we look forward to your continued support.


Austin Fife


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Congratulations Officer Ferguson!

Ann Ferguson, the second Toby Candilora Scholarship recipient to graduate from Weber State University’s Law Enforcement Academy, has been sworn into her dream job as an Ogden City Police Officer.  Congratulations Officer Ferguson!

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On Your Marks!

The date is set! The third annual 10-07 Charitable Fund 5K Walk / Run and BBQ will be June 10thPlease mark your calendars and plan to join us. We are busy making plans and are excited to see you at this year’s event! 

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Walking with Mikey

We lost a true friend and champion last week. Mikey Burson bravely fought ALS for 2 1/2 years with his loving children Christopher, Natalie, Sabrina and extended family by his side every step of his journey.

Some of Mikey’s steps included walking with us. We will always be grateful for that, as well as for his sense of humor and unique style. The new year will not be the same without you, Mikey!

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2016 Scholarships Funded!

Thank each of you for joining the 10-07 Charitable Fund 5K Walk / Run for 2016. It was a great success and none of it could have been accomplished without the hard work of friends, family, and our beautiful Ogden community!

The event grew year over year.  As a result, we built upon our law enforcement education scholarship endowments this fall, donating:

  • $6,000.00 to the Weber State University’s Law Enforcement Academy
  • $5,000.00 to Bellevue University’s Masters in Public Administration Program
  • $1,000 to the Candilora Cadets Portland ALS Walk Team

Thanks again to you all! Our hearts are so full. Your dedication to this cause and love for Toby is overwhelming and heartwarming! We know that we are making a difference!

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Congratulations WSU Law Enforcement Academy Graduates!

Second 10-07 Fund Scholarship Recipient Graduates Today

WSU Law Enforcement Academy cadets graduate today, just days after supporting the 10-07 Charitable Fund 5K Walk/Run and BBQ.


Ann Ferguson is the second recipient of the 10-07 Fund Scholarship, the first scholarship offered at the Weber State University Law Enforcement Academy in its more than 30 years in operation. Ferguson was among the eight cadets who joined us at the second annual 10-07 Charitable Fund 5K and BBQ. In an interview the day of the race, Ferguson expressed wonder at the difference one person can make through the profession.

Ferguson noted feeling well prepared for work as an officer after engaging in the academy’s mix of instruction and scenario practice.  Robert Jackson, the first 10-07 Fund Scholarship recipient and an officer with the Roy Police Department confirmed that sentiment.

Today’s graduation is the culmination of an eight and a half month program designed to prepare candidates to lead and serve in their communities.  WSU Law Enforcement Academy Director Jack Rickards notes that, particularly in small towns, enforcing the law means leading by example when in uniform, through the way an officer lives his or her life, and through active engagement in the community.

We saw the officers and cadets exemplify that ethic at the 10-07 Fund 5K. They not only volunteered to provide security, they helped with set-up and connected with race participants during and after the race.  Officer Jackson was a race front runner this year, and recruited both race-mates and corporate sponsors for the cause.

Thank you and congratulations graduates!

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Thank You! 1250 Miles of Celebration

Thank you to all who joined us Saturday! Together, we walked more than 1250 miles in support of law enforcement education and ALS research.  Celebrating with you gave us joy in the results of our fist year and hope for the years to come.


Here is a quick snapshot of the event. Be sure to visit our Facebook Photo Album for more!


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