Thank You from Taron Noel

To 10-07 Fund Donors:

Thank you for selecting me to be a recipient of the Toby Candilora Scholarship.  This is a great honor and words cannot express how grateful I am for your kindness and generosity.  Where I am beginning my career, I feel a sense of responsibility to honor Toby by doing my best.   Receiving this scholarship is not something that I take lightly.  I cannot wait to honor him and share in his legacy.

My name is Taron Noel.  I am married to my lovely wife Anne-Claire.  We currently live in Logan, Utah, at least until I find out where I will be working.  After graduating from high school, I served in the Marine Corps for five years.  I was honorably discharged and continued my education at Utah State University.  I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Technology with an emphasis in Rotorcraft.

My long-term goal is to get hired on with the Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) in the Aero Bureau division.  I am currently in the UHP application process and am hoping to be finished up in the next few months.  I want to work for the UHP because of all the great work they do and the broad range of law enforcement opportunities.

Another goal that I have is to complete a master’s degree in Leadership and Management.  I love leadership opportunities, and I can’t think of a more challenging leadership position than eventually leading police officers.  Our community holds high expectations for police officers and the image that we must not fail.  This is another reason education is essential for me.

The money I will receive from the scholarship will help me with my transition into law enforcement.  My tuition has already been paid in full, so I plan on using the money to help get a proper start.  My wife and I will likely have to move, and I plan on using some of the funds to help establish us in the new area.  With the remaining money, I plan on purchasing proper equipment to do my job to the best of my ability.

It is such a kind act that your family continues to give so much to the law enforcement community.  I am looking forward to the 5K this hear to help raise money.  Hopefully, continuing the legacy and helping to provide this same tremendous benefit to another cadet.  I hope to meet your family and personally convey my excitement and appreciation.  Thank you again for this generous gift and opportunity.

With sincere gratitude,

Taron Noel

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