Thank You from Dayne Dyer

Dear Candilora-Jones Family, Director Jack Rickards and the Toby Candilora 10-7 Scholarship Committee,

It is with a swell heart and much gratitude I address you all and say sincerely thank you for taking the time to consider the Cadets here at Weber State’s Law Enforcement Academy. I am extremely grateful that I was selected for the award of the scholarship. Those funds will be a great and wonderful help with the financial burden it was to be a self sponsored Cadet at the Academy. I sincerely say thank you.

Dayne Dyer

Officer Dayne Dyer Clinton City Police Department

Growing up I heard a common idiom that has helped to shape my outlook on life and the way I live. The idiom states ‘memories do not live as people do they always remember you’. The memories of Toby Candilora that his family holds now has been passed on to others who have heard his story and share the same goals and aspirations that he did. I sincerely believe that we live on with Toby’s will within us and I do hope that we will continue to live our lives in such a manner that will bring great honor to his name.

In order for memories to stay alive I believe we need to make that effort as the idiom stated and I have now embodied the memory of Toby’s story in my life. I thank the Candilora / Jones family for sharing his life with us and thank them for all their efforts in making this scholarship a possibility to the Cadets at this Academy.


Officer Dayne Dyer

Clinton City Police Department


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