Toby Candilora Memorial Scholarship, Bellevue University

bVp_2016A police officer and a fireman walked into an online classroom in 2007, and a too-short time later, the Toby Candilora Memorial Scholarship at Bellevue University was born of the friendship they created there.

Toby Kim Candilora and Bill “Skip” Powers earned masters in public administration from Bellevue University. They became quick friends in the virtual learning world of Bellevue – sharing banter and rivalry that is commonplace among cops and fireman. What emerged, more than the academic acumen, was a friendship that was strong and fruitful. That friendship continued beyond their classroom days.

Bill was one of the first people Toby called to share of his ALS diagnosis.  Never one to shy from a challenge, Bill notes, Toby tackled his diagnosis and illness with unparalleled fervor. His efforts helped to educate others and advance research in finding a cure for this debilitating disease.

Stunned that a man so strong and so young could be stripped of the opportunities to use his talents as a community member, a father, and a friend – Bill struggled with how to honor his legacy.  He determined to start that work where their friendship had started. At Bellevue.

“My friendship with Toby was born in the classroom and we remain committed to mentoring others in our respective sectors to the value of education (lifelong learning),” notes Bill.  “It was clear – that the way I might purposefully honor my friends spirit and legacy, was through a scholarship in his honor.”

Bill began the Toby Candilora Memorial Scholarship, working with Dorothy Morrow in the advancement office at Bellevue University. Bill and an anonymous professor funded the scholarship starting in 2010, renewing their commitment each year.

Starting in 2015, with the formation of the 10-07 Fund, Toby’s family and friends have boosted Bill’s efforts with the intention of endowing the scholarship. To date, all 10-07 Charitable Fund contributions have been dedicated to building the Toby Candilora Memorial Scholarship endowment.

The scholarships received by those profiled below were funded by Bill Powers with the support of an anonymous public administration professor at Bellevue University.

Thank You from Mattias Opitz

Thank You from Jaci Klein

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