Thank You from Robert Jackson

First 10-07 Fund Scholarship Recipient Now Employed by Roy PD

Dear 10-07 Fund Donors:

I would like to personally thank all of the donors of the 10-07 Charitable Fund for your donations. Becoming a Police Officer has been a life long dream of mine; because of all of your donations, this dream has become a reality.

I have always had a strong passion to serve my community and people in general, and becoming a Police Officer has proven to be the best way for me to contribute. This career that I have chosen is not just an ordinary job. It is a calling.

I found myself pushing through obstacles that I had to overcome. During my time in the academy, I made a lot of life changes to better myself. One of the greatest things I achieved was losing 45lbs. This scholarship allowed me to not have to worry about finances for my wife and myself, but it allowed me to focus 100% on the academy.

This scholarship made a huge difference in my wife’s life and mine, and I truly feel honored to be the first person to receive this scholarship. I hope everyone reading this realizes your donation matters. It helps individuals like myself achieve their dreams.

Currently, I am employed with Roy City as well as volunteering my time with the PT program at the Weber State Police Academy.

Thank you,

Officer Robert Jackson Roy PD.

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