Thank you 5Kers!

Hello 5Kers!
Your outpouring of support, generosity and love has had us walking on cloud 9 all week. Thank you for running, walking, bringing your families, and most of all for celebrating with us!
There were a thousand beautiful moments that will power the work we do throughout the coming year.  We saw faces we haven’t seen in years transform into a flood of friends wearing Toby’s name.  Friends who couldn’t walk stopped by to celebrate and contribute.
We met cadets from the WSU Police Academy that will carry Toby’s legacy forward.  We watched the faces of Taylore and Samantha as they connected with you and celebrated their father’s life. These are truly gifts that will last a lifetime.
We will report on the impact your contributions make to building Toby’s legacy as we move forward.  In the meantime, please know your impact on our hearts is immeasurable.  Thank you!!!
Stay tuned for pictures from paulparazzi!
The Jones and Candilora Families
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